Third Party Suppliers


Even if companies outsource activity to third party providers, they remain accountable for the quality of service, resilience and overall risk related to outsourced services. Given that third-party providers may operate independently, it could be a significant investment of time and money to meet regulatory expectations.


OLI can be applied in a variety of ways.

  • Reducing Human Error: Using OLI to predict when losses are likely, we can prompt traders to ‘slow their input’ to avoid input errors, or ‘clear their queue’ to ensure all incoming transactions are processed
  • Reducing the impact of Fraud: Using OLI to predict periods of heightened risk of business email compromise or invoice fraud, outsourced providers can prompt individuals to verify the legitimacy of the request and the information entered on a wire request form
  • Reducing the impact of uneven volume: Using OLI to identify factors that influence increased demand on client service teams and the interconnectedness across service teams focused on products, jurisdictions, or other segments, leaders can manage teams in a way that better matches client demands


Fewer human errors. Lower losses. Reduced time spent investigating and resolving errors. Increased throughput. Better customer experience. Lower risk. Evidence of measures to proactively manage Operational Risk and Operational Resilience.

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